Red Blood Cells

Why Iron is important to us.

Iron is vital for several processes in your body. Most importantly, it forms part of the molecule known as hemoglobin. This is a protein which allows your blood to carry oxygen around the body.

Your muscles, organs and cells all need oxygen to function effectively and keep you alive. Your brain in particular needs plenty of oxygen each day. A lack of oxygen can cause fatigue, headaches and many other symptoms.

An iron deficiency can make it hard for your body to supply the right amounts of oxygen to your various organs and muscles. It can even lead to anemia in certain cases, which is a very serious condition.

Your Whole Body Needs Iron

Without iron, your body is unable to produce hemoglobin for the red blood cells to carry oxygen. Iron is also vital for various other processes like the creation of red blood cells, the proper functioning of the electron transport system and good brain health. Put simply, every part of your body relies on iron, so you need a good amount of it each day.

Iron Boosts Your Immune System

A lack of iron will often result in a person struggling with lots of illnesses. This is because their immune system is weaker than normal. In order to fight off infection and stay healthy overall, your body needs iron.