Interesting Iron Facts


There are 2 types of iron supplements

Heme iron which is derived from meat and poultry
Non-heme iron from vegetables, dairy and chemically bonded


Your body prefers Heme Iron

Heme iron is the preferred iron source which is absorbed more efficiently
Non-heme iron needs to be broken down and converted to a usable form of iron. This process tends to leave free iron ions causing gastrointestinal side effects such as constipation, diarrhea and stomach cramps


Heme iron has been used for more than 20 years

No serious side effects or iron poisoning have ever been reported from over millions of users


Heme iron will be absorbed in almost any situation

Non-heme iron absorption is often effected by food, drinks such as coffee, tea and other medications
Absorption of heme iron starts at the beginning of the intestine. This is especially beneficial for people with short gut


There is no substitute for Iron

Iron is used by your body to form red blood cells
Red blood cells help transport oxygen throughout the body


It takes time to replenish your iron stores

This process can take a few months
People with ongoing blood loss which cannot be corrected (such as heavy menstrual periods) may need to continue taking iron supplements indefinitely.