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To help prevent iron deficiency
and iron deficiency anemia.

Each unit contains 60 tablets.
$0.79 per tablet

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OptiFer® Alpha tablets are a natural heme iron supplement. It is made from non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) bovine.

Take with food. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.
Adults: Take 1 tablet 3 times daily or as recommended by your health care professional.
Pregnant Women: Take 1 tablet 3 times daily or as recommended by your health care professional.

OptiFer® series of products have an impeccable safety record.




Helps to prevent iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia

OptiFer® tablets are based on natural bovine heme iron and will safely and efficiently keep iron counts at an optimal level.


List of ingredients;

Medicinal Ingredient: Elemental Iron 11 mg (Heme Iron)

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Di-Calcium Micro-crystalline cellulose, Modified food starch, Magnesium salts, Talc, Silicon dioxide,Ethyl cellulose, Iron oxide, Carnauba wax



4 reviews for Optifer®Alpha

  1. rajat

    Received via Email.

    I was having blood in my stool for over 3 weeks due to my hemorrhoids problem. I felt so tired and sleepy all the time. Since I have a low heart rate plus the low hemoglobin at the same time. I developed shortness of breath because there was not enough blood to carry the oxygen into my lungs. One day I was so tired at work and I felt so light headache that I thought I was going to pass out. Swana told me to go home and rest and at the same time she gave me some sample of OptiFer-A to try.

    I took a double dose daily for 3 days then took 1 tablet once daily for 7 days then 1 tablet every other day.
    I felt much better after the first 3 days of double dosing. I even went indoor rock climbing with my son the
    next week. I have no constipation, no side effects at all.

    I am waiting for my colonoscopy next Wednesday. Hopefully the Doctor can get my problem fixed.

  2. Mahsa Yavari

    I have a very sensitive stomach and Iron supplements usually make me feel horrible. This is by far the only brand that doesn’t make me sick and I’ve tried many! My only wish is that it was less expensive. If Iron supplements make you nauseous too see past the price point and get this product.

  3. Anna Jones

    I have tried other Iron supplements for anemia over the years. They made me feel nauseous and really messed up my digestive system. So I would quickly give up.
    I got some samples of Optifer from my doctor. So much better. No side effects. Has really helped keep my iron levels up.
    I recommend this!

    • rajat

      Hi Anna
      Thank you for the feedback. So happy that OptiFer has been able to help you.

  4. Tricia

    Thanks for making an iron supplement that doesn’t contain artificial colour! I get migraines from azo dyes, so OptiFer is my only option for heme iron supplements – without you I’d be stuck!!

    I’ve read one or two published medical journal articles that suggest that it may be more beneficial to take a larger dose every other day than smaller doses more frequently, because iron absorption temporarily increases hepcidin levels, which in turn temporarily inhibit further iron absorption. Does this apply to heme iron? to Optifer? Would I be better to take three tablets at once, every other day?

    Also, I’m curious, does it make a difference what time of day I take the supplement? I’m thinking that there are many structures and processes in my body that use iron, and that if I take it at the same time every day that I may be only nurturing some structures and processes and not others. For example, if I always take my supplement in the morning, then there may not be any iron left in my blood by the end of the day for the processes that happen while I’m asleep, because other processes and structures have absorbed it all during the day.

    Tough questions to which we may not have the answers, I know, but any insight would help. I’m one month into supplementing for iron deficiency without anemia and have seen some relief to muscle and joint soreness, RLS, headaches, and fatigue, but worried that I’m either plateauing or not getting the most out of the supplements, and my family doc will be very hesitant to prescribe IV iron because I’m not anemic and my ferritin was “normal” at 21 ug/L two months ago. I’d really like to ditch these symptoms and get running again! 🙂

    Thanks in advance,

    • rajat

      Hi Tricia
      Thank you for your post and questions. Very happy to hear that OptiFer is working for you.

      In regards to the dosing and timing, everybody is different. Our routines, eating habits, activity level, how heavy menses, etc. These factors effect the lose and absorption of iron. The heme receptor in your body which absorbs heme iron can become saturated. So taking too much heme iron at one time may be redundant. We always recommend to get the most out of each tablet to separate the doses throughout the day. The more your body requires iron it will absorb.

      Please feel free to contact us any time. cs.volo@volohealthcare.com.

      I hope your up and running again.

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