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Can Low Iron Cause Digestive Problems?

Low dietary iron may cause digestive problems, especially when your diet or supplements include non-heme iron. Non-heme iron is present in the ferric state (Fe3). Your body needs to convert non-heme iron from the ferric state to the ferrous state (Fe2) for it to be usable. This conversion results in excess iron in your digestive

What Causes Iron Deficiency

Two of the possible causes of iron deficiency in adults are not having enough iron in your diet and blood loss. Women tend to be more prone to iron deficiency, especially when they are pregnant or menstruating. Living an active lifestyle can also cause iron deficiency. Training for athletic activities promotes red blood cell production,

OptiFer® Alpha Vs Feramax®

OptiFer Alpha vs Feramax

Iron deficiency is the main cause of anaemia, which is the most prevalent nutritional deficiency worldwide, according to the World Health Organization[i]. While it is possible to increase iron levels by eating iron-rich foods, many people still remain deficient. For these groups of individuals, iron supplements can help to prevent iron deficiency. There are many

Heme Iron Supplements

Heme iron supplements

Heme Iron Supplements If you have low iron levels, or are suffering from iron deficiency, then heme iron supplements are an ideal option for you to explore. While there are several types of iron supplements available, heme iron supplements offer several significant benefits: Heme iron supplements are easily absorbed by your body Heme iron produces

OptiFer Heme vs Non Heme Iron

OptiFer vs Proferrin Featured Image

Iron is an important mineral that helps to manufacture hemoglobin. The red blood cells in your body need hemoglobin to carry oxygen to your organs and tissues. Without enough iron, you can become deficient. Some of the symptoms of iron deficiency include unexplained fatigue, dizziness, and shortness of breath. When iron deficiency becomes severe, and