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Heme Iron vs. Non-Heme Iron in Food

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Iron is an essential micronutrient that must be consumed in recommended doses to maintain healthy body functions. An adult human body needs about 7-18mg of iron per day, which increases to about 27mg/ day in special situations like pregnancy. Adequate doses of iron must be obtained from the dietary sources to ensure health and wellness. […]

What You Should Know About Iron During Pregnancy

Deficiency of iron during pregnancy Iron deficiency anemia is the most prevalent nutritional deficiency that affects 14% of the pregnant women in developed countries and as much as 56% (or about 35% to 75%) women in developing countries, according to statistics released by World Health Organization (WHO) (1). Healthcare providers around the world recommend all […]

Iron Deficiency, the most common nutritional deficiency.

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Who is at Risk of Developing Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA)? Iron deficiency anemia (also referred to as microcytic anemia) is the most common nutritional deficiency across the globe (1). According to latest statistics, more than one-fourth of the world’s population is anemic (corresponding to 1.6 billion individuals); with 50% of the disease burden attributed to […]

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