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Mechanism of Action; How iron is absorbed

mechanism of action

Iron is the second most abundant element in the earth’s core; yet deficiency of iron is the most common cause of anemia across the globe. A well- balanced diet can supply recommended daily doses of iron. Human body maintains a steady balance between iron intake and loss. The need and absorption rate of iron increases

Effects of iron on your immune system.

Your immune system and Iron

A healthy immune system requires the intake of a balanced nutritional diet that is rich in macro as well as micronutrients. Iron is a vital nutrient that is needed to maintain healthy immune and non-immune functions in the body. Iron deficiency is a worldwide issue that mainly affects women of reproductive age and growing children.

Heme Iron vs. Non-Heme Iron in Food

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Iron is an essential micronutrient that must be consumed in recommended doses to maintain healthy body functions. An adult human body needs about 7-18mg of iron per day, which increases to about 27mg/ day in special situations like pregnancy. Adequate doses of iron must be obtained from the dietary sources to ensure health and wellness.

Iron during pregnancy. What you should know about.

Deficiency of Iron during Pregnancy and Postpartum Iron deficiency anemia is the most prevalent nutritional deficiency that affects 14% of the pregnant women in developed countries and as much as 56% (or about 35% to 75%) women in developing countries, according to statistics released by World Health Organization (WHO) (1). Healthcare providers around the world

Iron Deficiency, the most common nutritional deficiency.

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Who is at Risk of Developing Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA)? Iron deficiency anemia (also referred to as microcytic anemia) is the most common nutritional deficiency across the globe (1). According to latest statistics, more than one-fourth of the world’s population is anemic (corresponding to 1.6 billion individuals); with 50% of the disease burden attributed to

7 Healthy Sources Of Iron Athletes Needs In Their Diet

As an athlete, there’s no question that you’re watching your diet to stay fit and healthy. You’re making sure that you fuel your body with enough energy to keep up those intense workout sessions but not so much energy that you start to experience unwanted weight gain. But, are you making sure that your micronutrient

Athletic Consequences of Not Enough Iron

As you go about your diet plan to help excel at whatever sport you happen to be participating in, one nutrient that you need to be sure you are getting enough of is iron. Iron deficiency anemia can quickly suck the life out of any athlete, so to speak, making their performance take a sharp

What Athletes Need To Know about Iron Deficiency

As an athlete training hard, it’s critical that you are staying aware of the nutrition that you’re taking in on a regular basis. The foods you eat will have a very strong influence on the performance you see as you go about your heavy training, so by getting your diet lined up properly, you can

How I learned to live with Iron Deficiency

Living with Iron deficiency

Getting diagnosed with Iron Deficiency   Iron deficiency was cyclical for me when I hit my pre-teen years. I was too young to understand what was going on, but my mom totally missed it for a long time. All she knew was her vibrant, energetic tomboy daughter would slowly wind down to a place where